La última cruzada

  • México La ultima cruzada (más)
Rumania / Francia / Italia, 1971, 107 min


Sergiu Nicolaescu


Tiberiu Olah


Amza Pellea, Olga Tudorache, Irina Gardescu, György Kovács, Nicolae Secareanu, Aurel Rogalschi, Ioana Bulca, Maria Clara Sebők, Septimiu Sever (más)

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inglés The first part of the conquering chronicle of Michael the Brave begins in the battles of 1593. Thus, in two parts, we have before us the events up to 1601, when Michael completes his historical role. Meanwhile, we get to know him. For example, his wife protects their son and the only one who is fascinated by Michael from the very beginning is the Italian Countess Rossana Viventini… ()

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