A man finds himself wondering just what he wants from a relationship after his personal ad gets a very unexpected response in Sweethearts. Arliss (Mitch Rouse) is a single guy in his early 30's who has placed a personal ad, hoping to find the woman of his dreams. One night Arliss heads to a coffee shop called The Asylum to meet a woman named Jasmine who has answered his ad. He's been told to expect a slender blonde woman in sandals and a flowered dress, and isn't sure what to think when an idiosyncratically attractive brunette dressed in black (played by Janeane Garofalo) begins badgering him with questions about himself, his "ideal" woman and what he's looking for from life. After a while, Arliss is convinced he's been stood up, until he discovers the woman who's been pestering him for the last hour is actually Jasmine. She tells Arliss she liked the sound of his voice and fudged on personal details about herself, convinced if he knew the truth about her, he wouldn't be interested. She also lets him know she wants someone to help her celebrate her birthday -- and she has a gun. However, what becomes disturbingly clear is that she doesn't intend to use the gun on Arliss, but on herself. (texto oficial de la distribuidora)