Silver Spoons

Comedia / Familiar
Estados Unidos, (1982–1987), 42 h 58 min (Minutos: 22–25 min)


Ray Colcord


Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray, Joel Higgins, Franklyn Seales, Alfonso Ribeiro, Steve Antin, John Houseman, Jason Bateman, Allison Smith, Sharon Stone (más)
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Temporada(5) / Episodios(116)


Sitcom starring 12-year-old Ricky Schroder as the loveable, preppy, wise-beyond-his-years Ricky Stratton. His dad is millionaire Edward Stratton III (Joel Higgins), an overgrown kid with more interest in his toys than in business or his beautiful assistant Kate (Erin Gray). (texto oficial de la distribuidora)