In the wake of the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark, maverick Ozploitation auteurs John D. Lamond and Colin Eggleston joined forces on this breezy, tongue-in-cheek, thrill-a-minute, big screen epic inspired by their love of Republic Pictures’ cliffhanger serials. John Hargreaves is Flight Lt. Harris - a wisecracking pilot with an addiction for adventure. He teams up with the feisty daughter of a kidnapped clergyman and they hotfoot it across the globe to rescue her father and locate the separated pieces of a powerful, mystical tablet. In pursuit is arch villain Savage (Max Phipps) hell-bent on getting his mitts on “the ultimate power”. Boasting exotic location work (including a climactic showdown filmed on Easter Island) and an action-packed, genre-bending plot that includes time warps, UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and the Philadelphia Experiment - not to mention an aerial dogfight and a Raiders-style truck chase - Sky Pirates is the ultimate old fashioned, fast-moving, two-fisted, pulpy B-movie experience! What’s not to like? (Umbrella Entertainment)