A London artist investigates the suspicious death of his brother and a young actor in Italy, but his search for answers only raises more questions. (Netflix)

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inglés Last night, I watched a detective film from 71 years ago, and today I treated myself to a crime movie that’s only two years younger. It turns out a lot can change in two years. This film had a significantly better soundtrack, and despite being another intimate, almost theatrical production, it didn’t feel like I was watching a stage play. Sure, the action scenes looked like they were shot in the 50s because, well, they were. The story itself was pretty engaging. My main gripe, much like with the detective film from the night before, was that I pegged the main villain almost as soon as they appeared on screen. Even so, it was an enjoyable watch that didn’t feel tired despite its age. I definitely wouldn't recommend it to militant feminists; the damsel-in-distress trope here might just cause a blood vessel or two to burst. / Lesson learned: You'd be surprised what a single bottle of Chianti can cause. 3*+ ()