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  • La Unión Soviética Gorod Zero (más)

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Un ingeniero moscovita se encuentra atrapado en una remota ciudad que aún conserva una exposición de Stalin en su museo local.
Un film alegórico realizado durante los últimos suspiros de la Unión Soviética que se llevó el Hugo de Oro a la mejor película en el Festival de Chicago. (Filmin)

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inglés I watched the film in the summer of 1989, just shortly before the fall of real socialism, and it was a significant cinematic experience for me at the time. The feeling of absurdity and stagnation was something I knew well from real life, having just graduated from high school and gained fresh experiences working in a factory marked by the system. Many scenes and dialogues fascinated me and stayed in my memory. I would say it is one of the greatest film experiences I've ever had, but I haven't seen the film since then, and with such a long time gap, I don't dare to place it in my top favorites. Noting the long time gap, my overall impression is 80%. The film accurately depicted the madness of the system. ()

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