Slumber Party Massacre

Estados Unidos / República Sudafricana, 2021, 86 min


A slumber party turns into a bloodbath when a psychopath wielding a power-drill disrupts the fun. Slumber Party Massacre is a reimagining of Roger Corman’s 1982 cult classic. (Lightbulb Film Distribution)

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inglés An ordinary and a bit useless remake of a slasher from the 80s by SyFy, which really has nothing to impress. The killer is known to the viewer from the opening minutes, so the typical whodunit game is missing here. The killer doesn't even have a mask and he makes a funny face. I appreciate at least the unconventional weapon in the form of a drill, but you can't come up with many interesting murders with that. Visually, it’s an average made-for-TV B-movie, typically stupid, the girls are quite good to look at (though there is no nudity), but I could imagine a better casting. The murders themselves are quite passable, nothing crazy or memorable, but the effort is there. I can't recommend the film, it's not something that you haven’t seen anywhere else and it won't please die-hard fans of slashers either, although it's not a completely unwatchable piece of shit. Story 2/5, Action 2/5, Humor 1/5, Violence 3/5, Fun 3/5 Music 2/5, Visuals 2/5, Atmosphere 2/5, Suspense 2/5, Emotion 1/5, Actors 2/5. 4/10. ()