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Narra la historia de Jiro Horikoshi, el hombre que diseñó varios de los cazas japoneses durante la 2ª Guerra Mundial y cómo su trabajo choca frontalmente con su espíritu sensible y apasionado. Todo ello con el trasfondo de la emocionante historia de amor que le mantuvo al lado de su mujer en los peores momentos de sus vidas. (Vértigo Films Esp.)


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inglés Miyazaki's dreamy poem, really wonderfully animated and with reliably beautiful music by Hisashi. I would say that as much as - or more than - about Horikoshi, The Wind Rises is a trip into the soul of Miyazaki himself, and an account of the uneasy life in Japan at the time. Such a biography, idealized as it is, may be the envy of many other Horikoshi figures who have seen only ordinary feature films without a shred of imagination and following a tired template. ()


todas reseñas del usuario

inglés While the narrative exhibition is old-fashioned, with no rush and calmly repeating the necessary creative or emotional moments, animation, on the contrary, is a combination of unimaginable squeaking with the most advanced possible details. I know that from the perspective of a personal resume, Hayao has significantly adjusted or poetized some things, but fortunately, I am here as a viewer and not as a historian or nitpicker. A royal spectacle in which nothing happens for most of the two hours - and yet I was emotionally exhausted like I haven't been in a long time. The combination of Miyazaki and airplanes is immortal. ()