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Tatami (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Fuegos artificiales (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Sirocco y el reino de los vientos (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Vidas perfectas (2024)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Haikyu!! La batalla del basurero (2024)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Un año difícil (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

Pandilla al rescate (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

La promesa de Irene (2023)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

La mujer dormida (2024)

desde 31.05.2024 31.05.

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Encerrado (1989)

desde 06.06.2024 06.06.

Soldado universal (1992)

desde 06.06.2024 06.06.

Nefarious. Cuando habla el Diablo (2023)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.

Sala de profesores (2023)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.

Concrete Utopia (2023)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.

Shin Ultraman (2022)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.

No somos nada (2021)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.

La regla del juego (1939)

desde 04.06.2024 04.06.



Nuevas reseñas de TOP usuarios

Batwoman - Tell Me the Truth

NinadeLBatwoman - Tell Me the Truth(2019)

The first episode with the series' Julia Pennyworth. Casting Christina Wolfe was a classic whitewashing drama because in the comics she's the dark-skinned daughter of Batman's butler Alfred and Mademoiselle Marie (but only since 2014). Originally, everyone was white, and Julia started as Julia Remarque, whose…

Civil War

KakaCivil War(2024)

A film that offers some impressive moments, but as a whole it mostly skims the surface. It deals with a few key themes, but it is mostly too thesis-like and one-dimensional. A raging America where we get no introduction and a miserable, rushed conclusion. Jesse Plemons steals for himself what is undoubtedly the film's…



It’s too colourful, too CGI-laden, and Jennifer Lopez runs around with her big ass at the beginning and admits in one of the dialogues that she has wrinkles and covers her grey hair because nobody gets younger, and for that she gets my nod because her Botox colleagues in the industry probably see it differently. You…

Mundo extraño

NinadeLMundo extraño(2022)

The 61st Disney feature film is a modern blend of classic adventure stories from the Earth's core. The family dynamics are reminiscent of Indiana Jones, but one can practically recall anything from Verne's works to Narnia or Pellucidar. In the context of Disney films, the theme continues from Atlantis: The Lost Empire…

All We Imagine as Light

POMOAll We Imagine as Light(2024)

Extremadamente delicada, tranquila y lenta, es una película con un alma pura y melancólica. Comienza como un retrato de la Mumbai abarrotada y lluviosa, con una visión de la vida de dos amigas en ella, y luego se traslada a un lugar más tranquilo. El debut en ficción de una documentalista experimentada recuerda con…


Nuevas reseñas de usuarios progresivos

Tulpa - Perdizioni mortali

JFLTulpa - Perdizioni mortali(2012)

Federico Zampaglione has gotten better. His previous film was tiresome bullshit, whereas this one is only unintentionally funny bullshit, thanks to its transparency. The first half of the film offers up a number of genre delights, when imaginatively bloody murders alternate with sequences involving nude bedroom…

The Bling Ring

JFLThe Bling Ring(2013)

If it didn’t have "Directed by Sofia Coppola" in its credits, no one would have given this insipid docu-drama a second thought. The most bizarre aspect of The Bling Ring is its indecisiveness and lack of concept. The film obviously wants to be a major cautionary tale about the twisted values of the young, but it…



The only aspect of Haywire that dampens my enthusiasm after watching it is the fact that the very existence of Soderbergh’s film reminds me how much the action genre has been degraded in Hollywood and elsewhere over the past two decades. When an action thriller in which the main character is a woman who, however, does…

Couple cherche esclave sexuel

JFLCouple cherche esclave sexuel(1978)

This raunchy yet in no way unique French porn flick provides another variation on the classic formula involving the central character’s sexual awakening. In this case, it’s Brigitte Lahaie as a respectable woman with repressed desires who is constantly let down by the straps on her dress, thus revealing not only her…

28 días después...

JFL28 días después...(2002)

Though, strictly speaking, 28 Days Later should not be ranked among zombie movies, given that the origin of the apocalypse it depicts would rather place it among contagion films, it draws directly from the tradition of zombie-apocalypse movies on many levels. Furthermore, its international box-office success had a…


Los actores más visitados

Cailee Spaeny (actrizactriz, nació 1997)
Anya Taylor-Joy (actrizactriz, nació 1996)
Brad Pitt (actor / productoractor / productor, nació 1963)
Josh O'Connor (actoractor, nació 1990)
Jennifer Lopez (actriz / productora / compositoraactriz / productora, nació 1969)
Charlize Theron (actriz / productoraactriz / productora, nació 1975)

Los cineastas más visitados

Jon Watts (director / guionista / actordirector / guionista, nació 1981)
George Miller (director / guionista / productordirector / guionista, nació 1945)
Guy Ritchie (director / guionista / productordirector / guionista, nació 1968)
Alex Garland (guionista / director / escritorguionista / director, nació 1970)
Quentin Tarantino (director / guionista / actordirector / guionista, nació 1963)
David Leitch (director / productor / actordirector / productor, nació 1969)


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