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Un año difícil (2023) - Entrevista - Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache

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Los pequeños amores (2024)

desde 08.03.2024 08.03.

Por tus muertos (2024)

desde 08.03.2024 08.03.

Not a Pretty Picture (1976)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

Dune. Parte dos (2024)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

Dream Scenario (2023)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

Dos chicas a la fuga (2024)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

Tótem (2023)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

La bestia en la jungla (2023)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

Guadalupe, madre de la humanidad (2024)

desde 01.03.2024 01.03.

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La hierba errante (1959)

desde 12.03.2024 12.03.

El maestro que prometió el mar (2023)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

El reino animal (2023)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

Femme (2023)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

Venganza en Las Vegas (2023)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

Historias de la televisión (1965)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

Desafío total (1990)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.

Conan, el bárbaro (1982)

desde 07.03.2024 07.03.



Nuevas reseñas de TOP usuarios

Death's Game

EvilPhoEniXDeath's Game(2023)

A Korean masterpiece, like all the Korean hits crammed into an eight-hour series. The protagonist loses absolutely everything in one day, his dream job, his girlfriend, he gets kicked out of his apartment, and he loses all his money due to a bad investment, so he's so mentally down that he decides to jump off a block…

Dune. Parte dos

D.MooreDune. Parte dos(2024)

What The Empire Strikes Back is to A New Hope, Dune: Part Two is to the previous film. In short, it's a perfectly natural sequel that doesn't suffer from the infamous ills of second parts, but continues to develop the story, stretching it out to unexpected breadth and depth, and from the opening scene gives the…

Lisa Frankenstein

J*A*S*MLisa Frankenstein(2024)

Fine production design, and that’s pretty much it. Everything else is somehow weirdly out of order, the film doesn't work on any of the potentially intended levels (horror/comedy/romance). It could have been more balanced, it could have cut down on the overacting here and add some dialogue there to make the main…

Out of Darkness

J*A*S*MOut of Darkness(2022)

At first it's a bit annoying when the introductory half hour with a bunch of prehistoric people seems like a necessary evil, but once it switches to survival mode it's great. Beautifully shot, atmospheric, suspenseful. And in the end, it turns out that Out of Darkness isn't just the expected prehistoric variation on…

El caso Goldman

MattyEl caso Goldman(2023)

The Goldman Case is a masterclass in how to grippingly direct (and edit!) a courtroom drama that takes place almost entirely in a single room without needless embellishments (and, furthermore, is shot in the television format that corresponds to the time when the trial was held). In terms of acting and the screenplay,…


Nuevas reseñas de usuarios progresivos

La música del terremoto

EvilPhoEniXLa música del terremoto(2019)

A decent thriller mystery about a love triangle set in 1980s Tokyo with Alicia Vikander perfect as always. The film is more of a romantic thriller, so I'm guessing it will appeal more to a female audience, but I wasn't bored either, though the pace is slower. Alicia Vikander is interrogated at a police station, and…

Planeta Singli 2

EvilPhoEniXPlaneta Singli 2(2018)

After a great first film comes a great sequel, and not everyone can do that. The Poles literally excel in the romantic comedy genre, serving up both a dense emotional romance and a very funny comedy, and that's mostly thanks to the leading actors. The emotionally charged finale has a decent edge. 80%

Boogie Nights

EvilPhoEniXBoogie Nights(1997)

Once in a while it doesn't hurt to catch up on an old film and this is just the ticket. Mark Wahlberg, then a budding actor, gets the opportunity to break into the porn industry and his life changes radically. Along with a fancy house, a car and fucking beautiful women, there are also parties full of booze and drugs…

No hay salida

EvilPhoEniXNo hay salida(2018)

An intense claustrophobic thriller from Denmark. The film focuses on a reporter who goes to visit the underground of Copenhagen, where construction of a subway is underway, but an alarm goes off and she is forced to lock herself in an airlock with two other people. The first hour is kind of slow and nothing much…

Fan zui xian chang

EvilPhoEniXFan zui xian chang(2019)

An inoffensive Hong Kong crime drama with the traditionally good Louis Koo. There is a murder case and the only eyewitness is Ara, a parrot, who of course can talk, but is unlikely to succeed in court as evidence. A fairly original entry into the crime genre, there are two action scenes and it's not entirely obvious…


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