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Secretos de un escándalo (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

Tótem (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

Guardians del museu (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

Negu hurbilak (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

Desconocidos (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

La estrella azul (2023)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

Políticamente incorrectos (2024)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

El gat Tabby i altres històries felines (2024)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

No estás sola (2024)

desde 23.02.2024 23.02.

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Mongol (2007)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

Django (1966)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

Vanilla Sky (2001)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

Ran (1985)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

Siete ocasiones (1925)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

El navegante (1924)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

La Strada (1954)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.

La dolce vita (1960)

desde 26.02.2024 26.02.



Nuevas reseñas de TOP usuarios

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Season 1

JeoffreySword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Season 1(2018)

I was expecting a disaster of gigantic proportions because taking a well-known brand like Sword Art Online (SAO) and making something like a spin-off is taking a huge risk. Of course, you are going to get a lot of attention, that is unavoidable but it is still a gamble. There are going to be a lot of comparisons to…

Midnight Special

3DD!3Midnight Special(2016)

Great cast, focused direction, old-fashioned sci-fi feel. Unfortunately, it's a bit bland in the end. It doesn't make use of the interesting themes it presents. There’s no catharsis, nothing. Adam Driver is woefully underused, and so is Sam Shepard. The comparisons to E.T. are spot on, but it doesn’t win your heart.…

Here for Blood

EvilPhoEniXHere for Blood(2022)

Watchable, but nothing special. The chubby main character is a likeable guy and giving him the role of a babysitter is pretty funny, but it came in handy because a masked cult of intruders invades the house and you trust him to fight more than you would a 40-kilogram woman. It's quite gory and quite action packed, but…

La zona de interés

EvilPhoEniXLa zona de interés(2023)

Zone of disinterest. One of those films that the teacher puts on in history class, but 80% of the students would rather pull out their cell phones and scroll through Instagram because it's almost as boring as regular class. The film is completely empty in terms of information, so it doesn't even serve an educational…

Todo a la vez en todas partes

D.MooreTodo a la vez en todas partes(2022)

The title doesn't lie. But I was more stunned than dazzled by everything that was happening everywhere and all at once, and I didn't buy on it, even at the end, when it turned out that it made sense and they obviously knew what they were doing and why. If they had only done it for maybe an hour and a half, it would…


Nuevas reseñas de usuarios progresivos

Diamantes en bruto

EvilPhoEniXDiamantes en bruto(2019)

The best directorial feat by the Safdie brothers and the best serious role by Adam Sandler, who fits the part like a glove. It's a very whiny film without any positive characters. Sandler owed perhaps everything he looked at and I thoroughly enjoyed his crazy gamble. Julia Fox was also great to watch, she is an…

Land of Mine (Bajo la arena)

EvilPhoEniXLand of Mine (Bajo la arena)(2015)

Great stuff and a different view of war. The film is about young German POWs who are tasked with clearing a minefield on a beach under the command of the brutal Roland Møller. It’s a powerful story with a very strong atmosphere and enough chilling scenes to keep the viewer's attention. 8.5/10.

Color Out of Space

EvilPhoEniXColor Out of Space(2019)

A decent film experiment in the Lovecraftian universe. A family has a meteorite land on their farm, it starts to affect their behaviour and gradually everyone loses their minds. The film is strong in its individual segments, but as a whole it didn't quite satisfy me. I had trouble getting into it and wasn't fully…

Přes prsty

EvilPhoEniXPřes prsty(2019)

For every ten terrible Czech comedies, there is a good one, and that is without a doubt Above Fingers. The story is nothing interesting, but the unusual setting of volleyball and especially the actors, with Jiří Langmajer playing his typical role of a womanizer in a love triangle between Petra Hřebíčková and Denisa…

The Gentlemen: Los señores de la mafia

EvilPhoEniXThe Gentlemen: Los señores de la mafia(2019)

Guy Ritchie returns to the genre that made him famous and serves up a pure crime gangster flick that is probably the closest thing to Snatch. The film has a very unorthodox storytelling and at times it can seem confusing. Especially at the beginning I couldn't quite get into it, but somewhere in the middle I was…


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Tom Cruise (actor / productor / directoractor / productor, nació 1962)
Bill Skarsgård (actoractor, nació 1990)
Sydney Sweeney (actriz / productoraactriz / productora, nació 1997)
Ana de Armas (actrizactriz, nació 1988)
Leonardo DiCaprio (actor / productor / guionistaactor / productor, nació 1974)
Sylvester Stallone (actor / guionista / directoractor / guionista, nació 1946)

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Alejandro González Iñárritu (director / productor / guionistadirector / productor, nació 1963)
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Paul Thomas Anderson (director / guionista / productordirector / guionista, nació 1970)
Denis Villeneuve (director / guionista / productordirector / guionista, nació 1967)
Jonathan Glazer (director / guionista / actordirector / guionista, nació 1965)
Steven Spielberg (director / productor / guionistadirector / productor, nació 1946)


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