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Sombras del pasado (2024)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Pico de Oro y sus amigos (2021)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

El cielo rojo (2023)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Camp3ón (2022)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

La primera mirada (2023)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Green Border (2023)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Sociedad negra (2024)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Vidas perfectas (2024)

desde 14.06.2024 14.06.

Amor platónico (2024)

desde 13.06.2024 13.06.

Se estrena en Blu-ray

Django (1966)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

Antes que anochezca (2000)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

Salario para matar (1968)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

La canción de Carla (1996)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

El día más largo (1962)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

Chinatown (1974)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

Por un puñado de dólares (1964)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.

La muerte tenía un precio (1965)

desde 17.06.2024 17.06.



Nuevas reseñas de TOP usuarios

La casa de papel (Netflix version) - Season 1

KakaLa casa de papel (Netflix version) - Season 1(2017)

And then they say only Hollywood can make stories like this. Money Heist is quite deservedly Netflix's prime work. It's got a fresh cast, well-written characters and a gripping plot. It can be faulted for some questionable lapses in logic and weaker technical aspects; after all, the action looks at its American…

I Saw the TV Glow

EvilPhoEniXI Saw the TV Glow(2024)

Monotonous, stagnant and tedious indigestible artsy shit where the most creepy thing in the entire movie is the main character's mouth. No decent script, no interesting characters, no horror scene, hideous visuals, just everything is wrong here. One of the worst overhyped flicks I've seen this year. The Pink Opaque,…

The Burned Over District

EvilPhoEniXThe Burned Over District(2022)

A passable cheap horror B-movie that suffers a bit from the fact that it takes itself too seriously (the first half is quite tedious and uninteresting), which is a big minus in similar films, but the final third improves the impression quite a bit. The murder of the cult is quite funny and bloody (although there’s no…



An interesting samurai film, where the samurai commanders are portrayed as exaggerated caricatures (Oda Nobunaga is downright mad and a buffoon here), but unfortunately, compared to Shogun the political intrigue doesn't have the necessary power, perhaps due to the fact that it's a satire where the director makes fun…

Un año difícil

EvilPhoEniXUn año difícil(2023)

Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano probably won't have another hit like The Intouchables, but this is fine too. Again, it's a film that tackles strong social issues, but unfortunately it's not funny enough for a comedy; it's more of a drama about debt and eco-terrorism. The leading duo are deep in debt and it was a…


Nuevas reseñas de usuarios progresivos

The Gentlemen: La serie - Refinamiento con agresión

NecrotongueThe Gentlemen: La serie - Refinamiento con agresión(2024)

Excessive hype usually makes me cautious, so I kept my expectations low. I wasn't disappointed, but I also wasn't swept away by a tsunami of excitement. It was a classic pilot that introduced the characters, setting, and circumstances of the upcoming story, where it seems I won't have anyone to root for. When it comes…

Jú jú hakušo - Episode 1

NecrotongueJú jú hakušo - Episode 1(2023)

Recently, I watched a film based on a Japanese comic, and it didn't go so well. Still, I decided to take a similar risk with this series, and so far, it seems like I might not end up disappointed. I'm not expecting a masterpiece from a comic-based show, but I'm hoping for some easy entertainment and this creation from…

Jú jú hakušo - Episode 2

NecrotongueJú jú hakušo - Episode 2(2023)

This episode felt more like a traditional comic book adaptation, which might be why it didn't resonate with me as much. That's the problem with my schizophrenic self, though — complaining that a show based on a comic looks too much like a comic. Regardless, I'm enjoying the playful world of Japanese yokai more than…

Jú jú hakušo - Episode 3

NecrotongueJú jú hakušo - Episode 3(2023)

Overall, the series is almost exactly meeting my expectations. Almost. Unlike the first episode, the following two lacked that certain something. That said, the Japanese creators have nailed the fight choreography, the CGI doesn't bother me, the visuals are quite stunning, and I find the Japanese characters much…

Jú jú hakušo - Episode 4

NecrotongueJú jú hakušo - Episode 4(2023)

This episode was pure, delightful madness. I had a great time watching it. The main difference between Japanese and American comics is that in Japanese ones, characters actually die — and they do so in quite unexpected ways. So, yeah, I enjoyed the battles and even felt some tension. But then came the gardener's…


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