Olympia Part 1, Festival of Nations , is a representation of the human body and Olympia Part 2, Festival of Beauty , showcases athletes from all nations involved in all sports.
Famous also for its ground breaking film techniques, Olympia employs unusual camera angles, smash cuts, extreme close-ups and the use of moving cameras. Olympia is the first documentary film on the Olympic Games ever made. Olympia set the precedent for future films documenting and glorifying the Olympic Games, particularly the Summer Games. (texto oficial de la distribuidora)


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inglés No matter how much propaganda is involved, the first Olympia is simply a wonderful example of how to make an interesting sports documentary, how to present athletes as real heroes, and how to work well with the camera and individual shots. Even then, Riefenstahl was already showing how slow-motion shots could be used effectively. The film literally took me back eighty years and I was rooting for the individual athletes to outdo others and themselves. ()

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