An expedition is sent to the lost city of Angkor to find the horrific secret of the zombies. In the group are WWI veteran Armond Lougue (Dean Jagger), the fiendish Colonel Mazovia (who plans to use the secret for evil) and Claire Duval, daughter of a general. When she falls in love with Clifford (Robert Newland), a jealous Lougue uses his newfound mystical knowledge to turn Claire into a zombie, forcing her to fall in love with him. (texto oficial de la distribuidora)


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inglés When you delve into older films, sometimes, you're quite surprised by what you actually discover. This film is freely available on YouTube; the rights to it no longer apply. Honestly, there's not much to be surprised about. Having "Zombie" in the title is completely nonsensical because there are no zombies present in the film, neither literally nor metaphorically. For this reason, the film itself is just a bit of a trip, and it’s more of a romance - quite a boring one - rather than a horror. ()

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