La vida de Reinaldo Arenas es mostrada desde su infancia en un ambiente rural y su temprana participación en la Revolución, hasta la persecución que más tarde experimentaría como escritor y homosexual en la Cuba de Castro; desde su salida de Cuba en el éxodo de Mariel Harbor en 1980, hasta su exilio y muerte en los Estados Unidos. Es el retrato de un hombre cuyo afán de libertad - artística, política, sexual - desafió la pobreza, la censura, la persecución, el exilio y la muerte. (Lolafilms)


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inglés A great film that relies on Javier Bardem's gripping performance (without exaggeration, the role of a lifetime). The story is about how members of sexual minorities and non-conformist individuals always have it difficult, especially in a totalitarian dictatorship. This film about sobering up from political and life illusions is depressing and, due to the slow pace of storytelling and the film language used, it is not a film for everyone. Some scenes - the interrogation, the banquet in a crumbling church, or the escape by balloon - contain surreal elements. Johnny Depp is kind of only there, but he did seem to have enjoyed the role. The slimy investigator will stay in your head for a long time. The film can be criticized for some formal shortcomings, but considering Bardem's acting concert, I give it 5 stars. Overall impression 90%. ()


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inglés An excellent biographical drama about the life of the Cuban poet, Reinaldo Arenas, played by the ever precise and absolutely excellent Javier Bardem. And there’s a striking role for Johnny Depp too. However, this picture would have benefited from slightly surer directing. Sometimes nothing happens for minutes on end, at other times events crash down on the viewer like an avalanche. ()


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