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Wendy considera una oferta. Holden y Bill tienen dificultades para comunicar la importancia de sus descubrimientos sobre el inaudito caso de Altoona al sistema judicial. (Netflix)

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inglés A verbose, wannabe sophisticated episode. Everyone speaks in a sort of super-smart and distant way, but there's no fluidity, chemistry, or any kind of exciting improvisation in the main characters' interactions. Everything is just a surgically precise script and dialogue, but pretty cold and detached ()


todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés I have already written in my comments several times about my positive relationship with lesbians, but I am really fed up with this stupid maintenance of political correctness. It just has to be here because of quotas. Moreover, that amazing revelation that Dr. Carr demonstrated didn't really impress me, I noticed the remark about the squirting blood already in the fifth episode, and it also surprised me, even though I am not a detective or a psychologist. For me, it is the weakest episode so far. Well, but Dennis Rader is already practicing knots... ()