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La investigación se centra en un sospechoso principal que resulta ser extremadamente hábil para sacar provecho de una situación inestable. (Netflix)

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inglés The final episode is good, brilliantly acted, ambiguous, seemingly incomplete. I suppose from a factual point of view it's a no-brainer, it wouldn't be Fincher and co. if it were to be otherwise, and there's a strong feeling that a lover of the genre has done their homework to a tee. Some of the story detours are not fully explained, some are not fully finished and concluded, but I would still like to go to the next season. ()


todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés I was very satisfied with the final episode of the second season. I didn't come across any dull moments in it and the creators once again proved that this series isn't just made for people to use as background noise for their least favorite activities. Once again, I had a great time and the combination of fiction and real events here worked wonderfully for me. ()