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Las mejores películas en la plataforma de streaming



RemedyGreen Book(2018) 

Let's be honest, the "Oscar quality" of Green Book is drawing to a great extent from contemporary socio-political discourse. I don't mean to diminish the film's qualities at all, but one has to consider that in the 90s,… (más)

MattyLa noche de Halloween(2018) 

The new Halloween may not be as scary as the original from 1978 or as entertaining as H20, but it is still stimulating and self-aware enough to not be an unnecessary sequel. It can be seen as, for example, a morbidly… (más)

EvilPhoEniXDark Harvest(2023) 

David Slade, the director of one of the best vampire movies 30 Days of Night, is back after a long hiatus and delivers a Halloween monster slasher that has its bright moments but the potential was higher. The story is… (más)