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Hit man, asesino por casualidad (2023) 

inglés The genre classification here raises expectations of a slightly different experience, but the resulting film is neither much action nor much comedy, so beware. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. An original idea, a nicely thought out script, hugely charismatic characters (Glen Powell has been on a really nice run). A very accessible film for the audience, and yet you can feel Richard Linklater's indie roots in every frame. PS: Coincidentally, I saw Hit Man on the same day as the Czech film Mr. and Mrs. Stodola, so it was an unplanned, dramaturgically very interesting double bill :D


Civil War (2024) 

inglés Olympic level in the discipline of "inducing a feeling of deep inner turmoil". I haven't seen something so often beautiful, yet repulsive and disturbing in a long time. And my apologies to A24 for wrongly suspecting it of producing a straightforward war blockbuster. It's, of course, another auteur film, just the way we like it.


Exhuma (2024) 

inglés What starts as a very slow genre film demanding a patient viewer, with a very likeable sinister atmosphere, turns into a sequence of authentically scary scenes just before the halfway point. I enjoyed it. But then one plotline climaxes and the story takes a bit of a turn, and you suddenly realise that you are watching something more ambitious and sweeping than you had initially thought. And at that moment you regrets watching it with not very good English subtitles, because you get a bit lost in it :D So my advice at the moment is to wait for better language support, I'll definitely watch it again then to catch some details. Still, I suspect there hasn't been a better Asian horror film of this calibre since The Wailing.

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