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An irrepressible icon of Australian Pop culture, Skippy is not only a legend of the small screen but a true blue Aussie hero. The most successful series ever made in Australia, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, has had sales in over 100 countries and remains our first homegrown international superstar. The grand expanse of Waratah National Park knows no bounds when Skippy is around to keep an eye and a paw on things - from shady poachers, unwelcome campers, deadly creatures and dangerous conditions - there is no shortage of peril and excitement to share. (Umbrella Entertainment)


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inglés It seems to me that most reviewers are straining their memories and giving a token three stars to a series from which they only remember the opening song and the silhouette of a jumping kangaroo. The series ran at a time when there wasn’t much competition. It's an older affair, and neither the acting performances nor the scripts of individual episodes were particularly impressive, and a confrontation with reality would likely lead to a merciless reduction to one star in most cases... I'd have to be heavily carried away by waves of nostalgia to leave it at a 50% overall impression... ()

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