Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

  • Gran Bretaña Duel of the Space Monsters


During a solo space mission to Mars, NASA astronaut Col. Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly) who happens to be an experimental android-- is shot down by an alien warship. Frank survives the attack, crash-landing on Puerto Rico. The space aliens led by Princess Marcuzan (Marilyn Hanold) and her putty-eared lieutenant, Dr. Nadir (Lou Cutell) -- decide he must die, so they give chase, but manage to only disfigure him before commencing with their ultimate endeavor: steal bikini-clad young women to re-populate their nuclear-ravaged planet! Meanwhile, scientists Adam Steele (James Karen) and Karen Grant (Nancy Marshall) leisurely tour the scenery on a Vespa motor scooter in search of their creation, Frank, who's busy terrorizing the coastal populace. The marauding aliens crash a swingin' pool party and steal the girls, who are brought aboard their ship to be separated by their lusty attributes and then further frightened by a hairy, skull-faced space monster. (texto oficial de la distribuidora)


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inglés Poster tagline: WARNING! BEWARE THEIR STARE! THE MANAGEMENT WILL SUPPLY YOU FREE WITH SPACE SHIELD EYE PROTECTORS TO PREVENT YOUR ABDUCTION INTO OUTER SPACE!!! Granted, it would be good stuff to screen at a party, while taking some stimulants, but I don't believe that even then the audience will still be enjoying it after an hour. Even considering the year it was made, when the naivety of the 1950s was already leaving cinema screens for good, this is an extremely bad film. A spaceship carrying bald aliens with elfin pointy ears, led by a woman who looks like Nefertiti lands somewhere off the coast of Long Island to "harvest" Earth women because all the women on their planet have died off, and the aliens need to reproduce. Into this mix comes a downed human pilot who has a machine for a brain and about whom his creator, a professor, fears that a negative experience could turn him into a Frankenstein monster with a desire to kill. So for the whole film, "Frankenstein" staggers around for several kilometres, killing someone here and there, while the aliens abduct women, who are cast in the role of passive cowards, incapable of resisting. Since we are in the 1960s and the sexual revolution is in its embryonic stages, there must be a swimsuit promenade (for one of the captives), an occasional rock 'n' roll banger, and one scene that alternates between night and day, depending on where the camera is – the director doesn't care. Then there are the haphazard proportions of the inside of the rocket and the view from the outside, and I haven't even mentioned the "monster" (a guy with a skull on his head and a gorilla skin) locked in the rocket and used against rebellious captives. Because the director's inability to sustain the material for 80 minutes is considerable, a good third of the runtime is filled with uninteresting cut-up period footage depicting military equipment, and everything is presented so blandly and uninterestingly that the guilty pleasure potential is completely unfulfilled. ()

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