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La condesa Irma (Sandra Hüller) viaja hasta una villa de Grecia para convertirse en una de las damas de confianza al servicio de la emperatriz Sisi (Susanne Wolff). Alejada de las estrictas normas de la corte austríaca, Sisi vive en plena libertad marcando sus propias reglas, a las que Irma tendrá que acostumbrarse. (Filmin)

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inglés Each generation interprets the myth of the empress a bit differently. This is a highly original interpretation and one of the few that focuses on the end of her life as the main theme. Her relationship with the last lady-in-waiting and the events in Corfu. The artistic license taken is quite wild, especially regarding the costumes and selected music, but there's also Herzogin in Bayern (1837-1898) depicted during her meeting with Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The public got to know the personality of the Hungarian Irma Sztáray (1863-1940) through her memoirs. Equally intriguing is the figure of the homosexual brother of Emperor Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), nicknamed Luzivuzi or Bubi. It's not a significant loss, but certainly not the best film inspired by the empress's life. ()