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Un ex detective de homicidios (Russell Crowe) que sufre pérdida de memoria, vuelve a examinar un antiguo caso sobre el brutal asesinato de un profesor universitario. Mientras se somete a un novedoso tratamiento, su investigación le revelará nuevas pistas y escalofriantes secretos del pasado. (YouPlanet Pictures)

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inglés Decent job for a debut. It's more of a detective story than a mystery thriller though, and it's of a very classic cut, the whole film is about solving one 10 year-old case. Russell Crowe is back to digging into the case, as there may very well be an innocent man in prison and he wants to get to the bottom of it all. Crowe is well suited to roles like this and anyone who enjoys these genre films that involve an investigation, an interrogation and a chase for the truth might be satisfied. The ending is surprising, just when you though you’ve guessed the identity of the killer, there's a pretty major twist that adds plus points. It has a rather slower pace. 6/10. ()

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