Un soldado polaco, que se gana la vida como mercenario, llega a México durante la revolución. Allí conoce a Paco, un revolucionario que intenta aprovechar el patriotismo para hacer sus propios negocios. (FlixOlé)

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inglés A great inspiration for Tarantino's Django Unchained (Nero's Kowalski acts, dresses and shaves like Waltz's Schultz, Palance decorates his suit with the same flower as DiCaprio...), but above all a great spaghetti western. Half of the atmosphere was conjured up by the master Morricone, the other half by Sergio Corbucci, who came as close to Leone's unattainable model as possible. The action scenes are excellently shot, the theme of the revolution is not as strongly presented as in A Fistful of Dynamite, but that doesn't matter - it's funny and suspenseful, the final duel with the clown is breathtaking. I also really liked the "lighter" scenes, such as the fight between Franco Nero and Tony Musante, where they get hit with fists and one of them throws the other through a wall or hits the other on the head with a chicken coop full of chickens. And that beautiful camera. ()

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