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Bill y Wendy entrevistan a candidatos para sumar un cuarto integrante al equipo. Una serie de quejas sobre el extraño hábito de un director de escuela intriga a Holden. (Netflix)

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inglés The eighth episode didn't add to my mood twice and it wasn't saved by another visit to Jerry Brudos either. While other episodes gave me chills, here it was all about paid tickling, which was certainly a very strange matter, but in the end, it felt like some kind of "MěTakyLechtal" event to me. At times, I was quite bored. For the first time. ()


todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés The school scene was perhaps a bit pointless, but probably crucial for the development of the young detective – it depends on what direction it eventually moves in. In any case, the personal levels of the protagonists can be portrayed and elaborated with more ease and more involvement of the viewer than those of the "anti-heroes", at least for now, and if we ignore some neat moments during the interrogations. ()


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