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El equipo cede ante la presión de una evaluación interna. Con su táctica audaz, Holden obtiene una confesión, pero pone en riesgo su carrera, sus relaciones y su salud. (Netflix)

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todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés No, it's not like the creators gave their best in the final episode of the first season, but it wasn't as bad as the previous two episodes. I appreciated how they almost accurately copied Douglas' approach to exposing Darrel Devier and managed to incorporate J.D.'s breakdown into the story, albeit in a heavily modified version. ()


todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés A fitting and worthy finale to the series – with an understandable open ending for the second part. The final minutes are a kind of highlight and one of the most thrilling scenes of the whole miniseries, which is complex in what it tells about, but at times quite sterile and not very friendly to the average viewer. ()


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