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Para obtener información del escurridizo asesino ATM, Bill y Holden entrevistan al Hijo de Sam, que les revela algo alarmante. (Netflix)

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inglés The routine of the middle episodes. Hopefully a murder in the neighborhood will have a big impact on one of the main characters to get the story moving a little faster. The atmosphere remains gloomy, it plays on a serious note, but we've been waiting for 10 episodes for Mason to come on the scene, so hopefully we'll see. ()


todas reseñas del usuario (a esta serie)

inglés The difference between the second episode and the season opener reminded me of the Pythons and John Cleese's famous line: "And now for something completely different." This was very different, instead of an unremarkable plot, there was another interview with a "celebrity" and the search for Dennis Rader. Additionally, I enjoyed the context, so I was fully satisfied. ()


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