Lucifer - Season 4 (2019) (temporada)

¿Quién es el nuevo rey del infierno? (S04E10)

  • México ¿Quién es el nuevo rey del infierno? (más)

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Los demonios asesinos andan sueltos por Los Ángeles, y solo Lucifer podrá dominar el caos y proteger a las personas que más le importan. (Netflix)

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inglés It seems I'm in the minority with my take, but hey, that's nothing new. I'm not one to be swayed by the crowd anyway. As much as I wanted to be swept away, it felt like I was watching a soap opera set in a rather unconventional backdrop. That old cliché, "I love you, but I have to go," popped up not once, but twice (even if it was more subtle with Eve), and cramming it into fifty-six minutes felt a bit overdone. ()

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