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Esta monumental epopeya se encuentra entre las grandes obras maestras del género. Entre sus numerosos valores, cuenta con la grandiosidad de sus exteriores en el Monument Valley y un reparto impresionante. Henry Fonda resulta absolutamente convincente en un papel de malvado, Frank, asesino psicópata y desalmado al que no le remuerde la conciencia tras aniquilar a una familia entera. Jason Robards es el mestizo sobre el que pesa la acusación falsa de la matanza. Charles Bronson es el hombre que recuerda las salvajes torturas sufridas por su hermano. (Paramount Pictures España)


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inglés This movie is simply a gem, which sucks you in and enchants you with its soundtrack, atmosphere, and individual performances. Even though it is well over two hours long, you do not get bored for a minute, and thanks to the truly amazing soundtrack, you experience everything to the fullest. Furthermore, Claudia Cardinale is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on the screen, and especially in this movie, she is simply irresistible. ()


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inglés Someone might mind that the genius music loops throughout the movie until you’re blue in the face. And someone might mind that it’s not very comprehensive at times and it’s very hard to watch out for details for those nearly three hours. But I don’t mind, because I’d rather get a temporary paralysis of the eyelid if that meant that I can watch every single second of a movie as genius as this western. ()



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inglés The best western ever, there is not a single ingredient out of place. Very imaginative direction, great actors and a soundtrack that has long since transcended "mere" film music and become a musical treasure and legend. Leone had a very lucky hand in choosing the actors (as always). Henry Fonda handled his only one role as a villain with aplomb (the American audiences couldn't get over the fact that the model good guy was playing such an asshole), Charles Bronson played perhaps the best role of his career, Claudia Cardinale is a delight to the eye and Jason Robards as Cheyenne is one of my favourite movie characters ever. A must see in widescreen format, the VHS crop amounts to a crime on this cinematic gem. ()


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inglés The music improves the image. To be honest, at the beginning, when a dirty, hirsute bloke is shown swatting a fly for three minutes, I thought that in the next 160 minutes I would die out of boredom. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, and in the end this film entertained me a lot more than The Godfather, for instance. Mostly thanks to the music, the direction and the performances, because the contents don’t stand out. I can’t get rid of the feeling that I will never be a fan of western as a genre. ()


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inglés Last time I saw this movie, I was a little boy who loved cowgirls, and Sergio Leone's classic inevitably seemed strange, protracted, not very "dramatic"... It took a few years, and it occurred to me that Once Upon a Time in the West is much more than an absolutely riveting western example of drama, where wild west genre supplements serve only as backdrops. Leone concentrated the focus of the narrative perspective on the detail and semi-detail of Tonino Delli Colli's superbly composed camera; it's almost unbelievable that maybe half the film is concentrated on the faces of the actors. The weight seen in the facial expression is unreal, and the grace with which the actors bear it is equally unreal. Bronson and Fonda manage the expressionist emphasis on the eyes with a breath-taking statuette rigidity, while Claudia Cardinale's sexy face has an ageless charm – fragility, treacherousness, seductiveness. The archetypal story of the avenger is done by Leone so incredibly personally, in a focused way and with feeling that it would be hard to find a stronger film. Moreover, Ennio Morricone's brilliant soundtrack amplifies all the emotions tenfold. How does Once Upon a Time in the West trump all the other westerns? It's not the story, the effectiveness of the shootouts... it's what a classical philosopher would call the cinematicity of the film. Once Upon a Time in the West is one of the most cinematic films I know. ()

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