Meet Pin, a harmless, mute and lifeless fantasy in little Leon's mind - a fantasy that initially took form when Leon's father imparted life lessons to him through the use of anatomical dummy. At first a source of amusement and comfort, Pin demonically evolves into the object of Leon's mad fixation. Soon, Leon and Pin quietly but thoroughly eliminate anyone who intrudes into their private world. (texto oficial de la distribuidora)


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inglés An intimate psychological horror film to watch once. You won’t get any big action set-pieces, the characters just speak and speak and you can only wait until something happens. And you’ll wait long, but during that time, the main villain at least goes through some quite believable development. For the 80s, it’s quite restrained and I wouldn’t hesitate to label it thriller rather than horror. Yeah, and Terry O'Quinn is in it. Pin is a fairly decent film about a handicapped person, but there’s nothing that makes it exceptional. 60% ()

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