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Tras el asesinato de su padre, una mujer con sed de venganza decide confiar en el poderoso jefe de una red criminal... y se infiltra en la policía bajo sus órdenes. (Netflix)

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inglés Netflix once again delivers a candidate for series of the year from South Korea. It is brutal! Jin-min Kim, a completely unknown director, took lesser known actors and made a series that feels like the biggest South Korean blockbuster in the last 10 years crammed into a 7 hour long ride with all the popular themes and props that go with it. The only known star here is Hee-soon Park, who plays a model gangster (I've seen about 15 movies with him, but I'll never forget him after this role), and the young and adorable Han So-hee, who has talent to spare. My Name is a bit of a The Man from Nowhere crossed with The Villainess and New World; no I won't mention here like others that boring conversational drama without action Infernal Affairs, this is five levels above. The story focuses on a girl whose father is murdered and taken in by a powerful mob boss, who raises her, trains her and helps her find the killer, but finds out he's probably a cop, so the girl joins the police to catch the killer. It sounds simple and straightforward but it's really intelligently constructed, it manages to surprise and shock several times throughout, and it doesn't really deal with the characters with white gloves, anyone can die at any time. The visuals are of a high standard, the characters are very charismatic and likeable, the music is the best I've ever heard from South Korea (the soundtrack has been playing for half an hour after the series has finished and whenever, I got emotional). I roared through a quarter of the series, what an emotional charge! It's very suspenseful, atmospheric, the twist is properly surprising, and in particular, the action and the violence – they don't skimp on that. I like that the Koreans, unlike the Americans, don't use guns much, they solve everything with knives, so it's about cutting and chopping for seven hours of intense action that almost made me bleed myself. Gorgeous cinematography, top choreography, with a finale like from The Raid. I have no words, I enjoyed every single element here. Complex and mature filmmaking and a proper manly ride. A heavy full package that eats Midnight Mass for breakfast and shoots all those intellectuals from the dramatists circle in the head instantly. Story 5/5, Action 5/5, Humour 1/5, Violence 4/5, Fun 5/5 Music 5/5, Visuals 5/5, Atmosphere 5/5, Suspense 4/5, Emotion 5/5, Actors 5/5. 10/10. ()