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Israel, (2015–2022), 32 h 52 min (Minutos: 32–53 min)


Gilad Benamram


Lior Raz, Tsahi Halevi, Samer Bisharat, Neta Garty, Yaara Benben, Doraid Liddawi, Laëtitia Eïdo, Johnny Arbid, Salim Daw, Tomer Capone, Yaakov Zada Daniel (más)
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Una cadena de caóticos eventos se desata cuando un agente israelí vuelve a la acción para dar caza a un combatiente palestino al que daba por muerto. (Netflix)

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Fauda (2015) 

inglés The Israelis have done a fantastic job. Unlike Americans, they didn’t need to be overly patriotic. They let those tank trucks full of pathos get lost in the desert and filmed a series full of elaborate action, escalating suspense and perfect atmosphere. It instantly drew me into the action and didn’t let go. What really surprised me was that they did not necessarily put themselves into the role of the righteous ones. The series lacked any strictly positive characters, everyone had something on their conscience, and if someone is not yet clear why the two sides of the conflict are unable to reach a compromise, the series might give them some valuable insight. I really enjoyed it. ()

Season 1 (2015) (S01) 

inglés Season 1 greatly surprised me. The Middle East without the (otherwise ever-present) Americans looked much more natural, and the individual characters were very well-written. The episode running time was unusually short, which helped the creators keep up a great pace because there was no need to stuff the story with annoying filler.  I enjoyed a great atmosphere from the opening episode to the finale. ()

Episode 1 (2015) (S01E01) 

inglés Originally, I wanted to rate it with four stars, but in the end, I added a fifth star because the Israelis didn't try to portray themselves as the only righteous ones, as Americans often try to convince us. The first episode had a quality atmosphere, excellent action, well-developed tension, and above all, a brisk pace. ()

Episode 2 (2015) (S01E02) 

inglés The second visit to the increasingly closer East definitely entertained me. True, there was significantly less action compared to the previous installment, but I still had something to watch because I enjoy this theme in movies and series, as long as it is well-made, which the creators of Fauda are succeeding at so far. ()

Episode 3 (2015) (S01E03) 

inglés I would gladly rewatch the third episode, but the creators disappointed me with their overused way of trying to increase tension - the pursuit of the ambulance with occasional shots of the suffering Abú Ahmad could work twenty years ago, but now it is downright embarrassing. Fortunately, everything was saved by a quality ending. ()

Episode 4 (2015) (S01E04) 

inglés After the fourth episode, it is becoming clear to me that if the creators don't suddenly start desperately ruining everything, it will be a very well-done series. The tension increased again in the fourth episode, the action did not lag behind, and the atmosphere has been maintained since the first episode, so I am satisfied. ()

Episode 5 (2015) (S01E05) 

inglés After two more action-packed episodes, the plot calmed down, allowing for some development in Doron's family relationships. The whole episode had a much gentler progression, leading up to an action-packed ending. Based on what I've seen so far, I'm very satisfied and looking forward to further sequels. ()

Episode 6 (2015) (S01E06) 

inglés And once again, there was an episode full of action and suspense from beginning to end. If there was a certain pace relaxation in the previous episode, this time it was exactly the opposite and the events took off nicely. I really enjoy how there is nothing black or white here, all the characters rather move in the grey zone, and that's fine. ()

Episode 7 (2015) (S01E07) 

inglés The creators nailed the seventh episode with an engaging plot, high-quality action, and decent suspense, and it worked really well for them. In the clash between Israel and the Arab world, I consistently take Switzerland's position, so I don't have to root for anyone and I just observe with objective interest to see how low each side will stoop. So far, exactly as I expected, they haven't found a limit. ()

Episode 8 (2015) (S01E08) 

inglés Last time it was more about action, this time I got a proper dose of behind-the-scenes negotiations, which I enjoyed so much that I couldn't find a reason to lower the rating. The excellent atmosphere, which the creators have managed to maintain since the very beginning, has also had a big impact on the whole situation. ()

Episode 9 (2015) (S01E09) 

inglés Although the storyline was similar to the previous episode, I still missed that "something" that I would even add a fifth piece for. Moreover, Abu Ahmad's killer somewhat disappointed me, as he demonstrated too low psychological resilience for my taste. With fighters like that, Hezbollah would have had to pack up a long time ago... ()

Episode 10 (2015) (S01E10) 

inglés This time it wasn't a full-on fire. The story still didn't have the pace I expected, I feel like it was the calmest episode of the first season so far. Although the creators tried to lull me somewhat, I remained a attentive viewer and didn't miss the integration of the once Czech product into the plot. ()

Episode 11 (2015) (S01E11) 

inglés The eleventh episode was quite atypical, it was actually an episode that dealt with family relationships and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was more of a prominent backdrop. Fauda, of course, does not abound with humor, so I really welcomed the scene with the bear at the bus stop. ()

Episode 12 (2015) (S01E12) 

inglés I did like the final episode of the first season, but at the same time, I still have a feeling that the creators somewhat deceived me. I was expecting a more intense conclusion to the series, but the action veered off in the end to allow for an open ending and invite viewers to continue. ()

Season 2 (2017) (S02) 

inglés The creators really surprised me. After a very well-managed first season, I was expecting a certain drop in quality, but the opposite was true. The second season came with a well-written script, the story had great atmosphere, brought plenty of suspense and excellent action scenes. The open ending was a clear invitation to watch the third season, so I was disappointed to find out how things are. Never mind, maybe it was for the best. ()

Episode 1 (2017) (S02E01) 

inglés The creators returned to the game with a greatly mastered opening episode of the second series, which immediately pulled me into the plot. Just like in the episodes of the first season, they managed to create a great atmosphere right from the beginning, which they again complemented with a proper amount of tension and excellently executed action. ()

Episode 2 (2018) (S02E02) 

inglés I have to praise the creator again for a excellently executed episode, although I did deduct one star compared to the previous episode, but only for a slight decrease in pace. This time, it was more of a talk episode, the action took a backseat, but I never got bored for a moment, moreover, there was even explicit violence - the execution of a single white woman by an Israeli commando was really harsh. ()

Episode 3 (2018) (S02E03) 

inglés I didn't give the episode a full number of stars this time either because, in my opinion, it didn't achieve the excellent quality of the first part. However, I wasn't dissatisfied, I enjoyed it very much, there just wasn't as much action. The series is still working very well for me, and the screenwriter would probably have to go crazy for me to stop enjoying it. ()

Episode 4 (2018) (S02E04) 

inglés The third episode evidently prepared the ground for the upcoming "big things", so this time I also stayed with four pieces. Again, I have to praise the creator for the absence of a typical positive character, here everyone is actually a waste in their own way, and I enjoy it. The children's song for the anniversary of Abu Ahmad's death was definitely instructive... ()

Episode 5 (2018) (S02E05) 

inglés So once again, I was able to rewatch the episode with a clear conscience. The creators managed to thicken the atmosphere and intensify the tension. There was also some action, and nevertheless, there was also time for lightening the plot with the relationship matter between Steve and Anat. ()