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Una comisaría de policía de un pequeño pueblo se convierte en el campo de batalla entre un asesino a sueldo profesional (Gerard Butler), una inteligente policía novata (Alexis Louder) y un estafador (Frank Grillo), que busca refugio tras las rejas sin ningún otro lugar al que huir. (Diamond Films España)

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inglés Joe Carnahan is a fine director, he's done The A-Team, The Grey, Boss Level, Smokin' Aces and Stretch, he's even planning a remake of The Raid, but Copshop is the least interesting of his work to me. The whole film takes place in a police station with few characters and although it stars Butler and Grillo, it drags at times. I didn’t like the dialogue too much, the script isn't very imaginative and there’s no action the last half hour, which makes it all the more frustrating. A standard average that probably won't offend anyone, but at the same time you won't lose much by skipping it. Carnahan can definitely do better and hopefully his remake of The Raid won't be too much of a flop. Story 3/5, Action 3/5, Humour 1/5, Violence 2/5, Entertainment 3/5 Music 2/5, Visuals 3/5, Atmosphere 3/5, Suspense 2/5, Emotion 1/5, Actors 3/5. 5/10. ()


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inglés A special conversation thriller with an almost absurd multiple ending. The grandson of a Nazi against all sorts of swines... It’s as if Carnahan is paying a twisted homage to Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13. Buttler is excellent, Grillo slightly outside his comfort zone and the awesome Toby Huss as a twisted psychopath balloon vendor, Antony Lamb. It has its moments, but overall it’s only got enough to score a high average. ()


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inglés It’ll do as an action flick for a lazy afternoon. You can even catch up on some chores while you’re watching, as it’s not very demanding. I couldn’t help feeling that the film was trying to pretend it was better than it actually was. I’m sure Potemkin would be proud. All those supersmart and cool dialogues were actually about nothing, the amazing twists were hardly surprising, and the whole thing was just plain mediocre. The lesson I took away from the film is: "If you can't shoot, don't invest in a revolver, buy a shotgun instead. Preferably a semi-automatic." My other takeaway was that I learned to tell the difference between a professional killer and a psychopath. ()