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Un conductor recoge a dos jóvenes misteriosas y listas para una noche de fiesta. Pero, tras descubrir la verdadera naturaleza de sus pasajeras, debe luchar por su vida. (Netflix)

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inglés The new Netflix vampire flick touted a variation of Collateral, but with vampires, but the result is a dull TV thriller with nothing to impress. A driver picks up two attractive women to drive them from party to party all night, but he soon finds out what their intentions are and that they're not exactly normal. It has quite nice visuals and the two attractive female vampires in the lead role are nice, they are probably the best thing about the whole film and make it watchable (Megan Fox also appears in a smaller role), but that’s not really enough. There is little action and it's not worth much, there is no gore, a bit of blood splashes on the wall from time to time, but that probably won't faze anyone today, there is no humour either, the plot is not worth much, so I really don't find much reason to see this film. For cooking, ironing or as a backdrop, maybe, but otherwise it's a pointless movie that Netflix probably won't make anyone happy with. Too bad the vampires don't do well at all. Story 2/5, Action 2/5, Humor 1/5, Violence 2/5, Fun 3/5 Music 3/5, Visuals 3/5, Atmosphere 2/5, Suspense 2/5, Emotion 1/5, Actors 2/5. 4/10. ()