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Cuando Eddie hereda la finca de su aristocrática familia, descubre que alberga una enorme plantación de marihuana… y que sus propietarios no piensan marcharse. (Netflix)

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inglés Guy Ritchie at his best! For me it's an even more entertaining and coherent experience than the original film, albeit without any proper stars, but it's London Gangster as it should be! The likable Theo James inherits a drug empire after his father dies, with a fortune and its problems to deal with, most of which are caused by his wayward brother Daniel Ings. Alongside Theo, Kaya Scodelario is awesome, and is not only great to watch but has a superbly written character. Ritchie could have pushed the envelope more in terms of action and violence, we get relatively little of that here, but he makes up for it with polished and witty dialogue, great twists, great pacing, cool characters (every new character on the scene is awesome) and a likeable atmosphere. I really devoured the whole series in one breath without blinking an eye, that's how much I enjoyed it. We're only in March and already there are at least five candidates for series of the year. This year is going to be very interesting. 9/10. ()

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