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Durante el verano de 1957, el ex piloto de carreras Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) está en crisis. La bancarrota acecha a la empresa que él y su esposa Laura (Penélope Cruz), construyeron de la nada hace diez años. Su tormentoso matrimonio se debate entre el luto por un hijo y el reconocimiento de otro, fruto de su relación con Lina Lardi (Shailene Woodley). En esta crucial etapa, Ferrari tomará decisiones arriesgadas, y acabará apostándolo todo en una única carrera que atraviesa 1.000 millas a lo largo de toda Italia, la icónica Mille Miglia. (Diamond Films España)


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inglés After many years, Michael Mann has fulfilled his dream and he does so with honour. But I can't help feeling that if he had taken the time to make it in his golden era in the 1990s, the result would have been much more daring. After all, this film about the fastest cars of its time doesn't exactly pull off the double whammy, surprisingly, especially on the track. As far as the Italian household of Ferrari is concerned, it's two gears better there thanks to the diabolical Penélope Cruz. Outside of the domestic tussle, however, on a comparable budget to the 4-year-old Ford vs Ferrari, Ferrari alone delivers considerably less value in terms of scale, suspense and action (the outlined rivalry with Maserati is just worthy of this bracket). Yes, the Millie Miglia was a completely different motorsport event from Le Mans, but the drama is always created by the racers themselves anyway, andin Mann's rendition they are bland. A great shame given the otherwise historically turbulent development of this race. ()

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