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Ambientada en un Panem postapocalíptico, la precuela de Los Juegos Del Hambre nos hace retroceder varias décadas antes del comienzo de las aventuras de Katniss Everdeen. Es la mañana de la cosecha que dará comienzo a los décimos Juegos del Hambre. En el Capitolio, Coriolanus Snow, de dieciocho años, se prepara para una oportunidad única: alcanzar la gloria como mentor de los Juegos. La casa de los Snow, antes tan influyente, atraviesa tiempos difíciles, y su destino depende de que Coriolanus consiga superar a sus compañeros en ingenio, estrategia y encanto como mentor del tributo que le sea adjudicado. Todo está en su contra. Lo han humillado al asignarle a la tributo del empobrecido Distrito 12. Ahora, sus destinos están irremediablemente unidos… (Vértice Cine)


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inglés The prequel to The Hunger Games isn't a bad movie, it has its bright moments, but the actual Hunger Games, which should have been the main highlight are unfortunately not as engrossing as I expected. The 10th Hunger Games begins. Each of the students becomes a mentor and gets one assigned from each region and their job is to win the Hunger Games together. The main character is the likeable Coriolanus Snow, who gets a girl, and underdog, who can only sing. I liked the chemistry between them, Rachel Zegler is a very beautiful woman (and sings very nice), the emotions and romance work and these two pull the film up nicely. Of the characters, Peter Dinklage is also a great. Visually, of course, the film is on par, and even though it doesn't have a very thrilling pace, it certainly doesn't get boring, and the Hunger Games are quite thrilling, it's just a pity that there aren’t more traps, challenges and pitfalls. It's kind of Battle Royale style but without the gore, so I didn't get much excitement. There's not much action outside of the game itself, but it's quite imaginative and clever (the decisions Snow makes are pretty cool), it's just a shame that the main character doesn't fight at all. The second half surprisingly turns into a completely different movie and we watch Snow's interesting character development undergoing a really interesting and unexpected transformation. There are more songs than action for my taste, but they were at least enjoyable to listen to. All in all, an enjoyable film that I don't regret watching, but nothing that would make me sit on my ass. I have it between 3 and 4 stars, but I'll be more strict this time. I don't need to see it again. 65%. ()

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