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Rivales está protagonizada por Zendaya en el papel de Tashi Duncan, una antigua prodigio del tenis convertida en entrenadora y una fuerza de la naturaleza que no pide disculpas por su estilo de juego dentro y fuera de la pista. Casada con un campeón con una mala racha de derrotas (Mike Faist), la estrategia de Tashi para la redención de su marido da un giro sorprendente cuando éste debe enfrentarse a Patrick (Josh O'Connor) - su antiguo mejor amigo y ex novio de Tashi. A medida que sus pasados y presentes chocan, y las tensiones se disparan, Tashi debe preguntarse a sí misma cuánto le costará ganar. (Warner Bros. España)


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español Durante mucho tiempo no he estado tan dividido en el cine y no me he preguntado tan a menudo si me gusta lo que estoy viendo o si me molesta. Luca Guadagnino simplemente despierta en mí, con cada nueva película, un leve interés, un leve desinterés, o precisamente esta complicada relación de amor-odio. En su filmografía, simplemente fluctúa en ambas direcciones, como aquí las pelotas de tenis. Tal vez simplemente encaja. Sin embargo, al final de esta película, todo encaja de manera tan espectacular y golpea con tanta fuerza que le permitiré avanzar a la siguiente ronda. ()


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inglés I like sports dramas and I was really looking forward to Challengers since the first trailer. Luca Guadagnino is a guarantee of quality filmmaking and he delivers a solid sports romance that, although a little scrappy at times in the second half, but Zendaya pulls all the attention to herself. The finale is nicely suspenseful, nice camera work, decent performances and overall a good film, but one I won't be watching again (I enjoyed the Williams sisters with Will Smith a tad more, there were stronger emotions there as well). 70% ()



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inglés A heated tennis love story full of ego, unrequited love and the desire to win. Zendaya, as the tennis goddess who gets her hand pecked by Prince Charles of the Decreased Manners and his good second in command, is flawless. Ditto for the plot, where you don't know how it's all going to turn out until the last moment. I could have done with fewer slow-motion shots, they do make sense for filming a fast-paced sport like tennis to dramatize the hits, but by the end Luca Guadagnino uses them so much that it paradoxically dulls the climax of the story a bit. Yet the matches otherwise don't lack punch at all, as both the score and the soundtrack, as well as the flourishes with the camera during each exchange, give the film a liveliness that I've missed in tennis films for many years. ()


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inglés I'm not a fan of sports-themed films, but Challengers managed to win me over thanks to its story, the core of which revolved around a dynamic and plastic love triangle, whose individual vertices interacted with each other at the speed of a tennis ball. I commend the structure of the plot, where the framework was the decisive match, while the filler was what led to this great match. In fact, I ended up liking the sporting aspect of the film - the quick shots between faces, ball hits and rackets really drew me into the action, almost onto the tennis court, you could say. Last but not least, I have to highlight the incredible soundtrack, whose electronic tones fit the story perfectly. ()

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