El coronel John Matrix, experto en artes marciales, es un comando sin igual; sin embargo, debido al número de operaciones especiales en las que ha intervenido, ha sido "jubilado" para protegerlo de quienes desearían vengarse de él. Pero un dictador sudamericano despiadado y vengativo ha logrado localizarle y secuestrar a su hija. Para recuperarla, Matrix deberá volver a Sudamérica con una última misión: acabar con el presidente Velázquez... ¡a toda costa! (20th Century Fox España)


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inglés This movie still kills years later because its cartridge case of stupidity is endless and the boot hood is indelible. It's fascinating to watch how demented catchphrases, combined with Arnie's demented speech, create a kind of magical cult of trash. Likewise, I'm still thinking about by how the film is arranged so Arnold can undress at the right moment and perform some bodybuilding poses – in fact, everything is subject to it. Anyone who wants to understand what the previously hideous seductiveness of the 1980s lies in must understand Commando. And the only way you're going to understand it is when you have this terrible trauma in your living memory that all your classmates have seen it before, and your mom's put a stop to it. ()


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inglés When I was a kid during the communist era, when simultaneous dubbed VHS copies were circulating in secret, I thought this film was pretty crap. Now, as an old geezer, I enjoy it, this Arnold flick has aged like wine. Commando is rather dull masculine entertainment, with a great excess of violence (see the "clearing" of the island, the filmmakers went really over the top) ridiculously hidden behind a father's positive motivation to save his child. But taken as a very brisk action comedy and a perfect model example of "80s" action movies, Commando is definitely worth watching. And the logic? Pfff! Sod that this time! Also, it's undeniable that some of Arnold's one-liners, delivered in contrast to his typically stony-faced persona, are irresistible - "You are funny guy, Sully. I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last." ()



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inglés This is at times unbelievably bizarre film that you can't help but admire. There are so many memorable scenes here that would be enough for Arnold to go down in action movie history. Simple plot, but brilliantly exaggerated action scenes that simply make you root for the invincible muscular guy. And here and there, you'll even laugh, but that doesn't matter because you'll still love this piece. Perhaps the best film Arnold ever made. ()


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inglés A film practically only usable for fans of the action genre. Both the script and the acting performances are worthless. After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't even capable of a decent character performance. It's a one-dimensional affair that elicits unabashed enthusiasm in some and restrained smiles in others. I admit to being in the second category. Overall impression: 15%. ()


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inglés Guilty pleasure. A pure-blooded B-movie which became a classic of the action movie genre. That pumped up torso Arnold reels out one wisecrack after another, takes out one villain after another and still manages to look like everything was just “by the way". And Horner’s music of genius with it. Just superb. The funniest and bloodiest of Arnold’s movies and also my heartfelt favorite. :-) "We’ll take Cook’s car. He won’t be needing it." ()

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