El despreocupado Nyles y la reacia dama de honor (y oveja negra de la familia) Sarah se encuentran casualmente en una boda en Palm Springs. Allí descubrirán que no solo no pueden escapar del lugar, sino que tampoco podrán huir de ellos mismos en lo que parece ser un bucle fuera de toda lógica. (Filmin)

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inglés This idea will always be at least a little cool. The actors are fine (J. K. more so), and it has a couple of nice scenes ... but otherwise it's a bit shallow. The film lacks a brisk pace and punch and, although it does flow pleasantly, it never completely gets going. The speeches bring the film down, and the fact that when the film is supposed to get moving, it instead becomes more cautious. In the end, it's a pretty solid absurd romance, but in a space where a lot of movies have already operated, it rather sheepishly looks around and is looking for something that hasn't been here before… And doesn't find it. ()


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inglés A very good time loop chiller with a likeable Andy Samberg and an oddly attractive Cristin Milioti (Alita). The main character is trapped in a time loop at a wedding and literally enjoys it. Not only can he screw anyone, he can commit countless suicides, but the pain is the same. Into this, he's hunted by a deranged J.K. Simmons and plays a romantic game with Alita. The first half is funny and entertaining, the second half veers more into drama, yet a very entertaining and accomplish film done with enthusiasm. Story****, Action>No, Humor****, Violence*, Entertainment****, Music****, Visuals****, Atmosphere***, Suspense*. 7/10. ()


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inglés The “most easygoing comedy” of one of the least easygoing summers of the century relies on a concept that might not be fully exhausted, but certainly has its limits. The two main characters, who are fine and played by likeable actors, discover in a time loop a love that’s been long denied to them and the main thing that makes this special is that this time the apathetic protagonist finds himself in a spiral from the very beginning and has given up on the possibility of being rescued. That’s certainly a good idea that draws the attention to the relationship with the cynical Sarah and the new perspective of a romantic life within that endless loop – it’s a pity that the ending offers very little that’s truly funny or original. Basically, anything could have happened, but somewhere in the middle the film turns its back to the discovery of new paths, choosing the easiest one while failing to properly exploit the promising “mass” murderer played by J.K. Simmons (or exploits him, but in a pretty sentimental way). I appreciate the idea, the setting in sunny California, and the casting, but if it went easier on the rigid speeches and had a faster pace, I would certainly have been more satisfied. 60% ()


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inglés I have mixed feelings about this film. When I saw Cristin Milioti in her first scene, I immediately imagined a basset hound. It's those eyes of hers. But over the course of the story, I came to like her, unlike Andy Samberg, who absolutely didn't fit into the role of Nyles,. The comedy was somewhat unbalanced. At times I was having a great time, at other times I was almost bored, so I think that the resulting three-star rating is just right. I am adding a small insignificant plus for Kate Bush for a purely personal and therefore subjective reason. 3*+ ()