En un campo de concentración y separado a la fuerza de sus padres, el joven Erik Magnus Lehnsherr descubre que posee extraños poderes cuando monta en cólera: puede controlar los metales. ¡Es un mutante! Sesenta años más tarde, la existencia de los mutantes es reconocida, pero sigue causando una gran conmoción entre la población. El profesor Charles Xavier, un poderoso telépata, dirige una escuela destinada a reunir a estos seres diferentes, a menudo rechazados por los humanos. En ella acaba de acoger a un recién llegado: Logan, alias "Lobezno", un hombre solitario con un misterioso pasado. Junto con "Cíclope", "Tormenta" y Jean Grey, forman los "X-Men", que se enfrentarán a los mutantes oscuros aliados con Erik Lehnsherr/"Magneto" en su guerra contra la humanidad. (20th Century Fox España)


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inglés So finally, after watching First Class, I filled my gap and checked out the first installment of X-Men. I'm quite pleased with the film, even if it falls well short of the 5th installment in effects and script. Some of the characters are still not as detailed (Storm, Mystique). As sci-fi, of course, it is above average, hence the well-deserved 4 stars. ()


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inglés Is it six years already? I just can’t bring myself to believe that it’s that long ago that I first sat down in front of HBO and let myself be sucked into the world of mutants. Singer captures the viewer at the very beginning with a flashback to Poland in 1944 where we see a little boy trying to get back to his parents in the Jewish ghetto. An entrancing experience. The gradual meetings with other mutants and getting to know them better demonstrates Singer’s huge talent. The characters are written superbly and the viewer really worries about what happens to them. In terms of the acting, X-Men can’t be faulted. Hugh Jackson appeared as a flash out of nowhere and his Wolverine was perfected acted. The chillingly magnetic Ian McKellen surprisingly assumed the role of the one with the most wisecracks in the movie and Famke Janssen seems more beautiful here than she’s ever been (I fully understand Wolverine ;). Before I gave this a 4, but after careful consideration I changed it. Such sophisticated psychology deserves the highest score. ()



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inglés Surprisingly excellent comic science fiction, which works not only as a trick and action affair, but also on the level of the characters and the story. Professor Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto's (Ian McKellen) gambit is truly electrifying and is certainly not a traditional battle between good and evil in pure form. The experiences from the concentration camp that have marked Magneto, who perceives the conflict between mutants and humans as a possible repetition of the events of the Second World War, adds tension to the otherwise slightly worn plot. Of course, it doesn't dig too deep and remains, as tends to be the case in Hollywood, only with hints of ethics, but even X-men couldn't handle anymore than that. Mainly thanks to excellent actors and decent tricks, this film is one of the best comic book adaptations ever. And I haven’t even mentioned the open potential for the future films... ()


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inglés One of those films that I really loved in the cinema back in the day and, even though I’m basically twice as old now, nothing has changed with the years. X-Men is an entertaining comic-book film that clearly doesn’t feel very comfortable in its own clothes (it’s somewhat cautious and insecure), which affects the impression a little, but doesn’t matter because the sequel already reaches the highest rating :-) The X-Men are still a favourite: Wolverine, Cyclops… shit, I forgot about Magneto. So, Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm… shit, I forgot about Rogue... Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, ... bugger, Professor X :-D ()


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inglés Visually cold and narratively very straightforward with a remarkably short running time considering account how many main characters are introduced. Bryan Singer's direction is clever and skillful, and with this work, he kick-started one of the best comic book sagas. Each of the characters is interesting, attractive, and emotionally appealing, so every viewer should be able to find their favorites. Technically, it is of course fine, although compared to other installments, it is evident that there is a significant increase in resources (filters, enhanced effects). Not only for that reason, the first X-Men film has a pleasantly intimate and minimalist impression and goes in a completely different direction than big blockbusters like Avengers or Batman. ()

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