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Sophie es una joven de 18 años que trabaja sin descanso en la tienda de sombreros de la familia. En uno de sus frecuentes paseos conoce al mago Howl, lo que despierta las iras de la Bruja del Páramo, que odia a Howl con todas sus fuerzas. Cuando Sophie vuelve a la tienda, la Bruja se hace pasar por una clienta para lanzarle un hechizo... ¡que convierte a la muchacha en una anciana de 90 años! Sophie, que no puede revelar su auténtica identidad, recurre a Howl para buscar una solución a su problema. Para ello se embarca en un viaje fantástico en el castillo ambulante del mago, habitado por personajes de lo más curioso. Sophie necesita ayuda pero quizás sea Howl el que realmente está en apuros... (Aurum Producciones)


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español Una película de animación llena de ideas y de la poética de Miyazaki, que no alcanza la calidad de El viaje de Chihiro, pero al menos está a la altura de La princesa Mononoke, lo cual es mucho decir. Un poco caótico hacia el final. ()


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inglés It's been barely a few days since I complained while reviewing The Cassandra Crossing that it wasn't an ideal movie to watch with an elevated temperature. Howl’s Moving Castle is the exact opposite. It's hard to find a more ideal movie to spend time with during an illness. Overall, Miyazaki's imagination is a good one for delirious states of mind. One immediately understands him better. This is the most mature project to come out of the Ghibli studio so far (even though it’s an adaptation of a children's book). It lifts your mood, delights, surprises you with the untrodden plot paths it takes and, above all, completely disarms you with its ideas and originality. A genuine work of art, and not only in terms of the animation. Personally, I wonder if it is even possible to go further in the field of classic, hand-drawn animation. I sincerely doubt it. ()



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inglés The most romantic creation from the Master of fantasy. Throw away the quality standards because here we fly over mountains, doors open into four different spaces, all the main characters change their appearance, and magic is not far away. And the world of animated film is once again richer by one little treasure, much to my immeasurable joy. ()


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inglés What I appreciate about this film is its unpredictability. Miyazaki completely breaks the stereotype of fairy tales or fantasy stories – you have no chance to guess what will happen in the next few minutes, you are constantly surprised, the differences between bad and good characters are blurred (the one who is the embodiment of evil at the beginning can become a good friend) and all this happens without any stumbles in logic. Moreover, Miyazaki is like a small child, blessed with a vivid imagination, throwing one obscure idea after another in front of him. The film combines the classic fairy tale world with the industrial age of steam, the classic world of magic with crazy war mechanisms. The viewer's senses are so overwhelmed that the final impression sometimes teeters on the verge of being cluttered (which is my only complaint). ()


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inglés Very beautiful animation, we will all agree on that, but that story… At the beginning I was satisfied and surprised; I’ve never been a fan of Japanese anime, so I was caught off-guard with how much I was enjoying Howl's Moving Castle – a nice fairytale with magic, charm and likeable characters. But somewhere around the middle, things change completely and I didn’t understand anything; I have no idea what started to happen and why. The character that up to that point was supposed to be the main villain suddenly becomes the best friend. Really, what the fuck? I don’t quite get all that praise for Miyazaki’s films. Maybe it’s because my mentality is too anchored in the west, I don’t know. 60 % ()

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